Yummy and Boozy Adult Party Favours or Gift Idea (Part 1)

Our big boss lady had a significant birthday last weekend, and as she also happens to be my mother,  I thought we better throw her a bash…

Helen the big boss lady and her other half Mike enjoying the party

Now you may be thinking… ‘THAT CAKE! Is this a recipe blog for that??’
… I’m afraid not dear readers, that particular masterpiece was fabricated by the utterly talented Rebecca from Flipside Cafe and Cakery. Lets just take a moment to admire this masterpiece before we resume our scheduled blogging…

The cake featured all of Helen’s animals!


Fabulous cakes aside, this post is once again about me! (I see a pattern forming…) I decided that even though I had the magazine deadline looming that week, I wanted to torture myself further by creating some party favours for the 40+ guests that would be attending the party. After scouting the internet for inspiration I settled on making some different flavour boozy shots.

Naughty but nice- the finished favours

Bottle number one: Werthers Originals infused vodka

Bottle number two: Creme Caramel liqueur

Bottle number three: Mint Humbug infused vodka


The vodkas were extremely easy to execute,  a seriously handy idea if you ever need a quick gift for someone,  especially good for Christmas presents with a personal touch. In this blog I’ll outline how to make the vodkas, then in part two I’ll go into detail about the wonderful Creme Caramel yummyness 😇 – a little more involved in making that but still very simple to make!

I bought my little bottles off ebay for a very reasonable price, but for a more shabby chic touch you could save your old glass bottles or hunt around charity shops for odd Kilner type bottles.



How To Make Boiled Sweet Infused Vodkas:

Prep time about 15mins
Ready in 3-5 days

You will need:
-Your sweet of choice (in my case Werther’s and Mint Humbugs – but any hard boiled sweet will work just as well!) – one bag of sweets per 70cl bottle of vodka
-A strong handled utensil (for smashing the sweeties)
-A spare bottle, jar, or other container
-Tiny bottles for the finished product (50ml is the best size, and what I used, but you can go for any quantity depending on how generous you are feeling 😘)


Step 1 – Preperation
You’ve bought your sweets of choice and your vodka, but damn, the sweets wont fit down that bottle neck! Time to take out the day’s rage and frustration on these bad boys. Use the butt of a strong handled kitchen utensil to firmly smash the sweet, still in its wrapper so you dont lose bits. Make sure you do this on a chopping board to save your work surface. And be careful! Watch your fingers.

I used the butt of my knife but please use a safer utensil to smash your sweeties.


Step 2 – Add the sweets

Now the sweeties are a convenient size to pop in the vodka bottle, and since they are smaller they will dissolve quicker. Before you add the sweets though- pour out about a third of the vodka into another container, to make room for the sweets. I put the spare vodka in a Kilner jar, and this became my Humbug vodka.

The sweets have only been in the vodka for about 10 minutes, and already the vodka is turning a lovely butterscotchy colour!

One whole packet of Werthers was a perfect amount for the 70cl bottle of vodka, but since the other vodka was just in a small Kilner jar, half a pack of humbugs was quite enough. I did not break up the humbugs as they fit in the jar easy. (as they have toffee centres they are hard to break up, so I recommend you get a jar if you choose to use humbugs.

Step 3 – Mature and shake!

Once you’ve filled your jars or bottles, and topped them up with more vodkaif required, you should leave them by the heater in your house to let them *mature* and to help the sweets dissolve.


Every day go back to your concoctions and give them a good shake. After 3 days the sweets had pretty much dissolved, but I left them a week to make sure they were well infused.

Step 4 – Fill your bottles

You will definitely need a funnel for this, and maybe a helper like I had! Either way it’s a bit of a sticky process. After you fill your bottles make sure the lid is on tight and rinse the outside under a tap to get rid of any stickyness from spills.


Step 5 – Decorate!

Your recipients will need to know what’s in the bottles – so get creative and make some nice pretty labels! I love a good shabby chic motif, so I used ripped up brown paper and ripped up old pages of a book to create an artsy looking (but nice and quick to make) label design, then printed off the name of the alcohol in a nice font to stick on the reverse. Some curled ribbon finished the whole thing off nicely!

Label on a Creme Caramel Liqueur Bottle
Reverse of the label on a Mint Humbug bottle – complete with serving suggestion!

And Voila! each guest recieved a cute little bottle to drink on the spot, add to their coffee after our meal, or take home with them. The overall feedback was very very good from all the guests and good times were had by all. A very special mention must be made to Zinc Bar and Grill in Abersoch for letting us have our party there. We had a fantastic evening, and a well deserved break from our magazine busywork.

Helen looking unsure about trying her liquour!
Mike’s seal of approval!

Part 2 : Creme Caramel Liquour will be going live tomorrow. stay tuned!








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