Yummy and Boozy Adult Party Favours (Part 2 : Creme Caramel Liquour)

Creme Caramel Liqueur: Recipe!

The finished favour – complete with label.

In part 1 of this boozy edition of the blog I outlined how to go about creating Mint Humbug infused vodka and Werther’s Originals infused vodka. Now we get to the good stuff – my personal favorite of the three flavours, Creme Caramel Liqueur!

Now this one is rum based and a little bit smoother and creamier than the previous two. It almost resembles Baileys. Seriously nice on its own and in coffee!

I found this recipe on another blog while trawling the internet for ideas, and it looked too good to be true! I love trying new recipes and this one looked relatively simple, which was perfect considering I had a significant workload with putting the magazine to print at the same time!

The most intriguing part of making this recipe was the magical and mysterious process of boiling sealed tins of condensed milk….

The tins of Carnation boiling away happily on my cooker

The recipe indicated that the tins should be unopened and boiled for 3 hours, which I was slightly hesitant about, surely some sort of explosion may happen in my kitchen?

But apparently this is a well know method (unknown to me!) and often untilated to make the caramel-y bit in millionaires shortbread!

So I left the tins to boil and got on with some designing (never far away from the kitchen, the pans need to be monitored, and the water topped up if it gets low.) and Netflix. 😉

The magical moment I opened the tins to reveal the milk had turned a lovely golden brown! 
That is some witchcraft right there

So I better explain how to take this magical yummyess and create our liqueur.

How To Make Creme Caramel Liqueur:

Prep time: about 3.5 hours (3 hours while the tins boil, but you can get on with the housework or play a video game while that does its thing)
Ready to bottle instantly. Should be kept chilled, and lasts up to 4 weeks! (if it survives that long 😉 )

You will need:
– 70cl bottle of Dark Rum
– 2 tins condensed milk
– A vanilla pod
– A blender
– Tiny bottles for the finished product (50ml is the best size, and what I used, but you can go for any quantity depending on how generous you are feeling 😘)


Step 1 – The long part

If the tins have paper labels, remove them. Pop them in a large pan and fill it with water so it covers the tins. Cover the pan with a lid and bring the water to the boil. Make sure it is simmering away nicely and set your timer for 3 hours – but you should check the tins every hour to make sure the water is always covering them (top up if necessary).

After the 3 hours take the pan off the boil and set aside to cool. DONT TOUCH! They are extremely hot. After about 10 minutes carefully drain the water and allow the cans to cool for AT LEAST 40minutes. Mine were still hot after 40 minutes near an open window so I waited longer, please dont get inpatient and burn yourself! 😦


Step 2 – Making it tasty!

Collecting the vanilla seeds

Take a vanilla pod and scrape out the seeds. Pop them along with your rum and the now caramelised condensed milk to a blender, and whizz it up!

Now, I don’t own a proper blender, I had to make do with my tiny smoothie maker… It worked just as well, i just had to blend it in batches!

The blended mixture!

After making sure all the ingredients were well combined, I used a jug and funnel to fill my tiny 50ml bottles (see part one for more details!)

I had a bit leftover so popped it back in the rum bottle and kept everything refrigerated until the night of the party. I made sure on the labels it said to store refrigerated and indicated how long it would be fresh for. 🙂

Oh, and of course, had to have a try for myself!! 😉


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