Sweet and Refreshing! Raspberry Lemonade Recipe

If you’ve been lucky enough to pick up a copy of our Summer magazine already, you may have noticed we’ve gone with a bit of a BBQ theme! For our cover shoot I decided to contribute a delicious and refreshing beverage for our faux BBQ-goers, and it turned out so nice I want to share the recipe!

075 D3T_0564 totally abersoch
We had some wonderful photos taken by John Wormald of Totally Abersoch

‘Twas the night before the photoshoot… and all through the house… the smell of lemons… was extremely strong!

Let’s just say I have a few more muscles in my arm now after juicing all those lemons. There were at least 12 in the first bag, then when I saw it was nowhere near enough to fill my kilner drink dispenser I had to run to the shops for more! I dont think i’ve ever juiced that much in my whole life!

Everything laid out ready!



Of course you lovely people at home wont need to juice so many, the real recipe only calls for one cup of lemon juice, and that produces enough for maybe a small jug full of lemonade. Unless you are having a big get-together and have one of these lovely kilner dispensers to fill (It would actually be ideal for that!) then kiss goodbye to your upper arm strength for a few hours…

Mashing and straining the rasberries

Apart from a tiny bit of elbow grease, this is a very easy recipe, a great one to try making with the kids, its a sweet treat with real fruit in! I’m sure they would enjoy mashing the raspberries and measuring out the simple quantities of ingredients.

The finished drink ready to take to the beach the next day!

The finished drink was so refreshing, I had a cup or two for myself, having spent the day walking on llanbedrog headland in the sunshine (and then burning calories squeezing lemons) it was very welcome. On the day of the photoshoot I added in the sliced lemons for visual effect and added some ice to make it look chilled and refreshing from the condensation on the outside of the glass. We borrowed some of those cute milk bottles to serve and topped them off with a slice of lemon and some cute floral paper straws.


111 D3T_0626 Totally abersoch
The lemonade ended up being a sweet accompaniment to our delicious seafood BBQ recipes! Photo by Totally Abersoch


Here’s the recipe so you can try it out for yourself!

Raspberry Lemonade

You will need:

1 cup rinsed fresh raspberries (6 oz.)
2/3 cup sugar
1 cup lemon juice (fresh is always best!)
2 cups water

In a small bowl, with a potato masher or spoon, mash 1 cup rinsed fresh raspberries (6 oz.) with 2/3 cup sugar. Let stand 10 minutes, to allow the sugar crystals to dissolve.

Press through a fine strainer into a pitcher (at least 1 1/2 qt.); discard seeds.

Stir in 1 cup lemon juice and 2 cups water. Taste and add more sugar if desired. Pour into tall, ice-filled glasses.

Original recipe from myrecipes.com



You can find the food recipes from out seafood BBQ cover shoot in We Love Llŷn Magazine, available in shops over Pen Llŷn, or you can now subscribe online at www.welovellyn.co.uk

As usual you can follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram, and pinterest, dont forget to share your pictures with us if you try this recipe out for yourself!



We Love Llyn- Not Just a Pretty Magazine

If you read my first post on this blog, you might remember me mentioning something about a mobile phone app, some elves, and a mysterious release date that I was yet to know. Well I can happily tell you we’ve had word from the elves and our sparkly magical one of a kind app is live NOW!! *Insert fanfare sound effects here*


The We Love Llŷn App has been in the works for a long time, we felt there was a Llŷn Peninsula shaped gap in the app store for a destination application that would offer a comprehensive guide to businesses, services, and events happening in our wonderful area. If you’ve been abroad on any city break holiday the past couple of years you will see where we got the idea, it seems every must-go destination has stepped into the future and has an app to encourage visitors to get the most out of their beloved city. At the same time, there are apps aimed at local residents of areas such as this too – look at Time Out; Both local residents of the area and visitors can visit the website or browse the app if they are hungry, thirsty, bored and in need of entertainment or even in search of an idea to inspire them to get out and enjoy the local area. We’ve aimed to do this, but with a few extra features too!


I’ve decided to highlight a few of my favorite features on the app to give you a bit of an overview!


1. Area Guide


We’ve divvied up Pen Llyn into eight areas for convenience:




Llyn heartlands (central)


Northern Llyn



These all include the areas, beaches, villages and towns surrounding each one. Here’s a handy map to help clarify:

Llyn areas map copy
Just a rough guide map to give you an idea of the different areas

You can find out a little bit about each area on their individual pages, and you can also use these areas to help you search in the ‘explore’ feature.




What do you want to do today? Well I’m currently in Pwllheli, and it’s about lunchtime. I have 3 hungry kids (can you guess this is a hypothetical yet? I don’t actually have kids… ha ha ha) who don’t want to walk very far as they’ve exhausted themselves on the beach all morning. I’ll pop ‘Pwllheli’ in my filter, select ‘cafés and restaurants’ then make sure it only shows me results under a mile of Pwllheli, we don’t want to venture. OOH! That looks nice, and on the little map I can see it’s only down the road from that tiny blue dot that shows me where I am standing right now! C’MON KIDS! WE’RE OFF TO GET A PANINI. Oh… but it’s a busy day here in Pwllheli, maybe I should ring to check if they have space, or even if they can book me in. Looks like I can tap and phone them straight from the app! Handy! I can even browse their menu here to make sure they do kids meals and Gluten Free options for my imaginary hubby (he looks like Brendan Frasier circa George of the Jungle in this scenario)


Okay that was an imaginary situation… but that’s pretty much what we want our app to be, not only convenience, but a chance to get you out and discovering places and events you might never have thought to go out and discover.



3.Favourites and upcoming events


When you start up the app for the very first time, you are greeted with a login/sign up screen. This is here so you can personalise your app experience with our favorites and calender features!

When you browse the listings of local businesses, each listing has an likkle heart in the top right corner, if you like this restaurant/activity/pub and want to save it for later, you can tap the heart and find it again later in your favourites! In the same way if you see an event you are interested in, you can tap the top right hand corner to ‘add to my list’, and they will appear there in the favourites section so you can get yourself organised. There is also a handy calendar feature so you can see all the events by month to help you plan your year!

If you have an event that you would like featured on our app it’s completely free to list, make sure you send all the details to helen@peninsula-media.co.uk.


4.Map and coastal path

This ain’t no ordinary map. We have plotted out loads of lovely historical and interesting facts and popped them in their relevant places with a pin, and we’ve also thrown in a few gorgeous photographs taken by local photographers and pinned them to their corresponding places on the map too! If you are bored and want to know more about the area you are in right now, have a browse through them, or if you want to keep it a surprise, turn on notifications and the app will tell you when you are physically near an interesting fact so you can read all about it in situ! The map also shows the section of the wales coastal path that runs around the coast of Llyn, so if you are nearby you can try it for yourself. (dont forget to snap some pictures and use the hashtag #welovellyn or #carullyn to share them with us!)


5.Local Photography


You may have noticed we have some pretty lovely photography throughout the app, well some of the photographers that have contributed their wonderful photos have their own space on the app! Just tap the gallery symbol in the top right corner of the homepage, and you’ll find each of their galleries. If you have a look and really like what you see, you can order prints of your favourites right there in the app too. I love filling my walls at home with beautiful pictures! We are hoping to expand this section to include local artists selling prints of their work, as we are all about supporting local arts. If you know somebody who would be interested, get them to send us an email on helen@peninsula-media.co.uk


6.Advertising opportunities


If you’ve been reading all this and have been thinking: ‘I have a business, I want people to see it when they browse the app’ Well you can! We have packages to suit all budgets and they also tie in with advertising in our magazine too, so you get a lot for your money. Speak to lovely Gill our advertising manager by calling 01758 713 925 or emailing gill@welovellyn.co.uk


I could go into so much more detail about all these features, but I don’t want to go on for too long, and I encourage you to go download the app and see this for yourself! The best part is that we will be constantly updating and adding features to the app, so we have so much more up our sleeves in terms of new features in the future! For now we hope you enjoy and find it as useful as we intended it to be. ☀️


To download the app go to the apple or google play app store and search for ‘We Love Llyn’ – it’s free!

You can also scan this QR code to get there quicker 😉

Heart QR .jpg


5 things you should be looking forward to in our Summer magazine!

The weather on Pen Llŷn this week has been… well, phenomenal! Unfortunately I’ve been cooped up indoors putting together our summer magazine (if someone finds some sort of computer screen unaffected by sunshine glare please let me know!! I’ll be outside working before you can say ‘ebay!’) So anyway we’ve been truly plunged into the summer mood. It’s a perfect time to look ahead at our summer mag, out in a week’s time!

What a busy couple of weeks we’ve had here at We Love HQ! Between (finally) getting our fabulous mobile app launched, and completing our second ever magazine (you know when a music artist releases an album that people quite like and then there’s the pressure for that ‘difficult second album’? Let’s just say the pressure was on!)

But yesterday once again we kissed goodbye to the digital form of our little magazine and we eagerly await delivery of it’s final physical form… which I can happily announce will hit the shops near you on June the 9th!

Here’s 5 sneaky peeks of what we have in store for you…. I hope you are reading them while outside enjoying the fabulous sunshine. Thats where i’m headed once I finish writing this…. 😇

  1. Time for a new pair of flip flops..


20 flip flops copy

I don’t know about you… but after the usage from last summer and then months in storage my flip flops are looking a bit worse for wear… It’s about time I got a new pair! We’ve picked out a few pairs that might take your fancy, all available from shops on Pen Llŷn! There’s something for everyone, and every budget 🙂

2. Get BBQing!

40 recepe copy

It’s time to get the BBQ out, from the humble disposable to the mighty gas-run pride of dad’s everywhere! We decided to celebrate some super tasty seafood BBQ recipes, as the humble fish is mightily overlooked when the BBQ’s out. We had a wonderful day photographing our recipes and also our cover photo at Abersoch Beach with photographer John Wormald of Totally Abersoch and the recipe mastermind Si Toft of The Dining Room Restaurant, who did a brilliant job of prepping the food and making it look both tasty and gorgeous! We hope you try out the recipes this summer, be sure to post pictures on our facebook wall, or tag us on instagram and twitter.


3. The launch of our bucket list

70 bucket list copy

We decided to lauch a ‘Pen Llŷn and Snowdonia Bucket List’, full of suggestions from ourselves and from you lovely lot! All so we can all get the most out of this wonderful place. At the moment we filled this page with our own suggestions to start it off, but we need some more suggestions from you! So get in touch with your ideas – email editor@welovellyn.co.uk or post on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #welovellynbucketlist! One thing that all of us here in the office agreed on was that we all needed to climb Snowdon, something none of us have ever done (shameful, I know! Most of us have lived here most of, if not all our lives!) So we thought we’d make it into a challenge and raise some money for a good cause while we’re at it! We’ve set up a Just Giving page, and we’ve set the date, so wish us luck! -And be sure that i’ll be blogging (and possibly even v-logging!) our epic journey when the time comes 🙂

70 bucket list 3


4. Get your nose in a book

72-73 reads copy 2

72-73 reads copy

We have chosen 10 brilliant books for you to get stuck into this summer – 5 english language books and 5 welsh, theres something for everyone to enjoy in this lovely little list. As I’m working on improving my welsh (as some of you eagle eyed welsh speakers may have noticed on our facebook, I write the welsh posts, and some of the grammar is a bit dodgy to say the least! I wont be offended if you correct me, I swear!) I plan on setting myself a challenge and trying to work my way through the welsh reads over the summer, wish me luck!


5. You have no excuse to be bored this summer

83 what's on cover copy

Our ‘What’s on guide’ this summer is full to bursting – there was so much going on between June and August we had to extend our two page guide to a whopping six pages! Get your diaries out and your highlighter pen and plan your summer,  I know i’ve pretty much copied out most things into my own diary as i’ll be trying to get to as many events as I can so I can blog about them. What’s more, is that if you download our app (it’s free did you know!?) our what’s on guide on there is updated daily, so you can make sure you never miss out. If you know of an event we’ve missed out in the magazine or the app, you can let us know on social media, or get the event organiser to email the details to helen@peninsula-media.co.uk. It’s free to list your event!


We hope you enjoy the summer issue, keep your eye on social media so you’ll know the moment it hits the shops, and we’ll also post our list of stockists!

To download the We Love Llyn app, search for it on the Apple or Google app store.

As usual you can follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram, and pinterest, dont forget to share your pictures of where you are enjoying reading our magazine, we absolutley love seeing them!


Thanks once again for reading!


Creative Director