5 Things you should be looking forward to in our spring magazine!

My avid blog reading fans (Hi mum!) may have noticed it’s been a bit quiet on the blog front for a little while. Well – We Love Llŷn’s premier blog writer (me) has been busy moving house but fear not! Life is settled and I’m back at my keyboard.

I’ve spent the last few weeks bringing together our lovely Spring magazine, and the whole team is excited to share with you our fantastic 5th edition. We can’t believe it’s been a whole year since we launched WLL, it’s flown by! Our 5th edition is even more stuffed full of wonderful content than ever, here’s a sneak peek at  what’s in store when the mag hits the shelves in a weeks time:


1. Getting Married? This issue is for you!


Our Spring issue is a wedding special, so if you are planning a Llŷn wedding you’ll love our selection of the best venues, caterers, cake makers and so much more, all on our doorstep! There has never been a better time to ‘buy local’, we are spoiled by all the quality services we have available to us, to make your special day totally unique and magical.

Aside from our main feature article we also focus on the wonderful Grade I listed wedding venue Pennarth Fawr near Chwilog,  the lovely florists Bloda Eluned, award winning cake maker Hayley Hill, and we also feature some gorgeous reader-submitted photos of weddings that have taken place on Pen Llŷn.


2. Three words: Mouth. Watering. Cakes.


Hayley Hill is a magician with cakes, for all occasions! I think my mouth was watering the whole time I was putting together this article. They say you eat with your eyes and these cakes just look so gorgeous. I also have it on good authority that they taste fantastic too – Our wonderful editor Jo met with Hayley several times while writing the article and each time left her house laden with all sorts of free samples! ….Now, I know its essential to do your research while writing an article… but designers need cake too!!! Hint Hint!!

3. Got some rhubarb in? You’re in luck!


I love a good new recipe idea, especially one thats a little bit different. This issue our resident chef Si gives us not one but three recipes based around that wonderfully tart fruit that should be soon gracing our supermarkets and greengrocers. There are a lot of advantages to buying seasonal produce, from reducing your carbon footprint to just getting the best tasting food you can – so give these recipes a try. And don’t forget, if you give it a go, share your food pictures with us on social media!


4. A day out on our doorstep


Only a short drive off the peninsula is the wonderful town of Caernarfon. We all know it’s famous for it’s castle, I myself remember visiting it when I was very little – climbing up the worn spiral stairs to the highest tower to survey the breathtaking view of the town and the water. Theres plenty in the town to turn a little visit into a cracking day out – in our feature Jo Toft went wandering around Caernarfon’s historic streets and discovered some amazing treasures not to be missed.


5. Diaries at the ready – Spring is going to be a busy one!


Our ‘What’s On Guide’ is once again full to bursting – there’s something for everyone to do this spring. Art, music, markets, and of course plenty of easter egg hunts – theres even some amazing looking events for little ones. One reccuring event that has caught my eye is the National Trust’s ’50 things to do before you’re 11 and ¾’ – there are almost weekly events all over the peninsula that help your little ones tick these amazing things off their list – a list that includes things like ‘catch a fish with a net’, ‘hunt for bugs’ and ‘build a raft’! Is it wrong to wish that adults could tick things off the list as well??


We Love Llŷn magazine hits the shelves on the 29th of Februrary, so look out for us in all good local shops, of if you don’t want to miss out, subscribe!



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Thanks once again for reading!


Creative Director