Who What Why When?

 It’s time to start blogging. I’m sure a lot of creatives out there will be able to relate to this thought: Where do I start? So I thought I’d start with me. A blog is supposed to be slightly self-indulgent right? I hope to invite others to contribute to the blog but at the moment you’ll have to live with my thoughts and musings. So let me begin!


Who? Part I:Me!

This is a rather windswept me enjoing Llanbedrog headland last year in my best hiking outfit

My official title in our little enterprise that we call ‘We Love Llŷn’ is Creative Director – translation: In charge of making everything look pretty. I have other functions too though: technology interpreter, self proclaimed social media guru (I know the difference between hashtagging and tweeting and that makes me a god to them) welsh speaker (not very good at the grammar but I try!), and general bossy person.

I’ve got a background in art and I have been working as a freelance graphic designer for a few years now, this project piqued my interest (and it had to because the mastermind behind all this is my mother – and who really wants to work with their mother??) because it was about uniting the community with a positive message – something that appeals to me as I have lived here on Pen Llŷn all my life. It also was an opportunity for me to take creative control and produce something bloody lovely – which I very much hope it will be.

I’ve also wanted to start a blog for a while now- ever since I decided to document my travels around North America on a site called www.travelpod.com. It started out as a way to let my family back home know that I was still alive without phoning each one of them every day with an update, and also to not plague my facebook feed with countless photos of all the fabulous locations I went to visit. I enjoyed it a little too much and in roughly 70 days of travelling I had as many entries in my blog and wonderful feedback from it’s avid readers! But where to start? What do I blog about now I’m not seeing the world, I’m just me in my hometown going to work like an average Joe – well now’s my chance. I have plenty to write about now that I have a subject matter to focus on: Home. Pen Llŷn. I have so many ideas for blog entries I can’t wait to get started!

Who? Part II : We

Errrmm… they havent provided me with headshots yet

So who are We Love Llŷn? At present there are four of us behind this venture. Helen (also known as my beloved mother) decided there was a gap in the market for an App that focused on promoting the Llyn, whether it be events, businesses, activities, something to not only for locals to utilize, but also to draw in tourism and distribute it between the different areas of the Llŷn. There are a couple of publications serving Gwynedd and Pen Llŷn, but not really any lifestyle publications with this vision of promoting the entire Peninsula to its inhabitants and to outside tourism. So she ran it by me – I started excitedly blabbering on about all the different things she could put on her app and in her magazine and concluded she’d be crazy not to do this!

Helen met with app developers far and wide, local and in the big bad cities of Manchester and London, and one app development company seemed to be as enthusiastic as she was about the project so they were the natural choice – and from day 1 I’ve been involved mostly to interpret some of the more ‘techy’ aspects of their conversations!

It was then we recruited Gill – our marketing fairy god mother – to the team. Gill was looking for a new project and this one seemed to get her just as excited as it did me! Gill is one of those natural saleswomen who can charm you just as well in person as she can over the phone, especially handy if we need to spread a new brand and get the support of local businesses across the Peninsula.

If we were going to make a magazine we needed a damn good editor to take charge of all things well… erm… magaziney. We knew Jo from working for the Tourist Information Centre of Abersoch on a few of their booklets and leaflets, and she has an impressive background in writing so was a very good choice!

That makes four of us, not including the elves from the app development company currently working hard in their little workshop at the North Pole (of Manchester. Also known as Salford.) on producing our fabulous We love Llyn App.


we love llyn promo image 1 copy

What exactly are we? I’ve pretty much explained above but simply put we are an App, a website, and a Magazine that will be available in physical form and online.

We Love Llyn will help you discover all there is to know about the Llyn Peninsula with our ultimate guide across all forms of media – and that last sentence was lifted straight from our media kit – Jo really does have a way with words, I cant say it any better. 😉


Porthor Gill
Porthor Beach -photo taken by Gill while walking her dog


…Why not? We love where we live, that’s why we live here! We also know a LOT of people who love it who don’t even live here, that’s crazy to think about as someone who calls this place home, I doubt someone who lives in some nice cul-de-sac in the west midlands can say that their hometown is loved by thousands of people who don’t call it home? I suppose that’s the definition of tourism but sometimes I think about it and it seems so surreal. I don’t blame people for loving it. Any doubt that may have existed before were extinguished the moment we reached 100 likes on the first day of launching the facebook page, even with only one post on the page people were interested, and continue to be interested. We’ve passed a few lovely milestones on facebook, twitter and instagram in the past few weeks with numbers climbing steadily – and we haven’t even released anything yet! That’s pretty exciting.


Magazine coming soon spring 2016 copy 2

The spring edition of the magazine will be out at the end of March/beginning of April. The app will be available to download late April (these things are not easy to pin down, for app developers are mythical creatures; you need an Ouija board or a magical carrot on a stick to get a straight answer out of them). In the meanwhile you can find us on all good social media outlets.

We’re so excited to show you what we’ve been working so hard on and we hope you love it!

 Parting thoughts…

So in the background of this word document in which I am writing this, I have a few different internet browser windows open; ’10 ways to write a successful blog’ stuff like that. None of them were that helpful but one of them said I should keep this short and sweet. None of them told me how I should finish… So here I leave you. Thanks for reading if you made it this far. Diolch yn fawr iawn o galon am darllen. #welovellyn …Peace… Over and out.